Hard Times

Stack Balancer by XC for Hard Times

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Published by XCoder (mod ID: 100235)


The Stack Balancer ends your notorious lack of space in the game.
Especially if you use the mod "BigLife", this mod will help you!
Furthermore, the expiry times of objects have been normalized.
No more inventory problems for mission rewards.

Big Life Mod

!!!!!!! HOW TO INSTALL THIS MOD !!!!!!!
Start your game and use the "Mods" button. Then click on the button to display the Mod folder.
Now just drag the mod folder "StackBalancer_MODPKG" into this folder.
It is important that this folder is in the same folder as "Vanilla".

Now restart your game and click on Mods again.
Now you should be able to select the mod in the left view.
Click on it to set it to active (right column under Vanilla).

Done! Now press the ESC key and follow the instructions to restart the game.
Now load your save status and confirm loading the mod.

The game will warn you that installing mods is dangerous and could damage your save status.
However, we take great care that we only modify things that have no effect on your save status!
For security reasons, you should still duplicate your current save status! (save a second time under another name).

Below the changelog of this mod.
Changes are always added with the date.

GITHUB: github.com/Crazy-Egg-Company/HARDTIMES-MODS-XC

# 15.04.2020 | Mod Version: 1.1

- Food items have been removed from the mod
> If you are interested in modifications to these items, use the BigLife Mod!

# 05.04.2020 | Mod Version: 1.0

The following item types were balanced (stack limits & expiration date)
- Base items
- Cleaning items
- Container items
- Corpse items
- Drug items
- Food items
- Hint giver items
- Medical items
- Seed items
- Special items
- Wallet items





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